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Make your dreams come true by choosing Campbell's Carpet Service. No matter the style, color, or fabric, wool carpet provides a luxurious feel. We offer you a limitless variety of flooring options to choose from our comprehensive rates. And once it's installed, we will clean it for

you too!

Wool means comfort


When you choose wool, you reduce allergens and bacteria growth with an all-natural material. Wool stabilizes humidity in your space by absorbing and releasing moisture during periods of high or low humidity. It’s time to experience the benefits of a material that has met the test of time.

Invest in a natural, more energy efficient material

- Ages gracefully unlike man-made


- Naturally soil resistant

- Naturally flame retardant

- Natural renewable resource

- Environmentally friendly and energy


- Recyclable and biodegradable

- Superior long-term appearance


- More cost effective in the long term.

Thousands of beautiful patterns and styles for you to choose from

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- Non-allergenic fiber, does not  

  promote growth of bacteria

  and dust mites

- No harmful emissions

- Assists in stabilizing humidity by

  absorbing or releasing moisture

- Resistant to compression

- Excellent insulator of temperature

  and sound

- Non-slip and non-abrasive

- Excellent dying characteristics

We focus on establishing a relationship, not just making a sale.


The amazing benefits of wool

Experience a wide variety of styles, cuts, and patterns, as well as a company that cares enough to come to you when you can’t come to us! Whether you’re in need of wool, sisals, vinyl, carpet, or hardwood floors – Campbell's Carpet Service is the right place for you and your home.

You have more to choose from

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